Wheeler dealers saab 9-3 download

2 Oct

Wheeler dealers saab 9-3

Mike wants a high-performance car with an historic badge, but it's hard to find a Saab Turbo at a good price. With margins this tight, will Edd have any room for manoeuvre? Title: Saab Turbo Convertible (03 May ). Mike goes on the hunt for a car with an historic badge, great performance and a low price tag, the Saab turbo. Margins are tight on these motors so to stand. Wheeler Dealers is back with an all new season — and a Saab Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead restore this rusty, non-driving Saab to.

Wheeler Dealers: S8 E5 – Saab Turbo Convertible Restored car was taken to an air base to pay tribute to Saab's fighter plane heritage. Wheeler Dealers is a British television series produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery 55, 5, Saab Turbo Convertible, £3,, £2,, £3,, £ 3,, +£, 3 May (), Work Completed: Replaced. bog standard 02 Saab cab - hardly a classic, modern or otherwise. . Am a bit of a fan of wheeler dealers, although Mike Brewer and his.

I thought it looked nice when all finished, but it did make me chuckle when Mike kept saying how fast and powerful it felt. I still think they look.