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2 Oct

Akemi-tan game

AKEMI TAN, an indie game made with Other. Get downloads, images and news!. Here you go, Akemi Tan game file:D. Thanks for downloading AKEMI TAN Your download should begin shortly, if it doesn't, click the button below. AKEMI TAN. Akemi-Tan is a horror game where you play as a village girl named Shimoda Shimoko. Her village is protected by the Ou, and they require a daily offering. When it is Shimoda's turn, she eats some of the offering.

I first saw Akemi-tan recommended on Reddit, where it was lauded for its graphics, though many possibly found the title via The Free Games. Made by: Kona Kona Kona Kona Kona (Kona5) WOLF RPG Editor Translated by : Tosiaki Genre: Adventure Horror Game Story: There's a.