Bat detector android download

2 Oct

Bat detector android

Simply download the Echo Meter Touch app, connect the Echo Meter Touch Module to your Android or iOS device, and you'll be ready to detect bats. Listen to . Echo Meter Touch 2, plug-in modules for Android devices allow the user to listen to, record, and automatically identify bats by their ultrasonic echolocation calls. The Echo Meter Touch 2 turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a state-of- the-art bat detector. This tiny device plugs directly into the.

The most advanced bat detector, regardless of price. that lets you listen to, record and identify bats in real-time – on your Android or Apple iOS device. Bat Recorder is an Android app designed to record ultrasonic audio signals using an Android smartphone or tablet in conjunction with a separately purchased. Even with hi-tech bat detectors it is still a skilled job to be able to The app employs algorithms that analyse audio files of bat calls. There is a commercial app for iOS but I don't know of anything for Windows or Android.

Now, every bat enthusiast can use their iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android device to discover, identify and study all the bats in their area. They can listen, record, and . The Echo Meter can detect, record and identify the sounds of bats nearby.